Frecuent Cuestians fan di Recanstrucshan fa Providence

20 de Septiembre de 2022


¿We Providence an Ketlina island ubicate?

This islands ubicate in the Caribbean Sea to 720 km fan the Colombian coast an i mek paat a dih island fan San Andres, Providence and Ketlina.


¿Way Findeter mek paat a dih recanstrucshan fan Providence an Ketlina?

Afta the Harikien strap Iota (category 5) pass ina Novemba 2020, tru the distrucshan fan the islands of Providence and Ketlina, the zone wos declare a manifest emergency, so tru dat the Ministry fan Housing and dih Disasta Risk Manigment Unit (UNGRD) mek a interadministrativ agriment, fi staat work pan the recanstrucshan siemtime. So, the Ministry fan Housing cantract Findeter fi teek ouba som a di works fan recanstrucshan.


¿Wat is Findeter role ina dih recanstrucshan works?

Findeter give teknical asistance ina dih ejekushan fan som a dih principal works ina dih recanstrucshan we mek ina Providence and Ketlina. Them also incharg fi mek dih cantract dem (dih cantract we comin fan dih next one) fan the companys we ga tu du widit ina the difarents works we dem gat incharge ina di islands.


¿Ush works Findeter meek ina dih islands?

The National Govament delegate Findeter fi meek dih difarent infrastructure proyects ina Providence an Ketlina, ina secshan like houses, wata an basic cleanup, edukieshan, sports an turism, which you can find:

  • 1,838 houses intervenshans (ripier an canstrucshan fan new houses).
  • 7 sports scenaries.
  • Recanstrucshan of 2 schools.
  • Dih drudgout di damm: Fresh Water Bay and Bowden.
  • 158 native lodge
  • 3 cultural places.

¿Jomoch house was intervened ina the cantract fan Providence and Ketlina?

Was 1.838 interventions ina di cantract acarding to the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN) we mek by di UNGRD and the alcaldia fan Providence. Outa demya intervenshan, 1.076 is new houses an 762 fi ripier.


¿Ina wat dih works fan di house dem we ripier ina Providence cansist?

The works dem fan ripierans cansist ina garantice the candishan fi live ina the houses dem we no get affect tuotaly ina them structure, das way them just to fix an mek som adecueshan. The house dem we ripier include:

  • Canstrucshan fan housetap.
  • Rehabilitieshan fan walls an structural reforcement.
  • Ripliesment fan doors and winda.
  • Dih fix fan dih hidrosanitarie an di electrikal paat.
  • Dih pient fan insaid an outsaid.
  • Ery house leef – dih guide fi fix dih house.
  • I neva include the canstrucshan fan wells nar cestant.


¿Wat was dih aproximietly price fan di houses dem we ripier?

Demya houses have one area fan 40 m2 to 200 m2 an di aproximietly cost fi di riparieshan was $103.257.196.

Dih total cast fan dih works dem we mek ina di 762 houses dem we ripier was $78.681.983.663.


¿Way dih intervenshan ina dih riparieshan houses dem no include dih canstrucshan fan wells or cestant?

Findeter mek it jow i go by dih procedment we the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory and the UNGRD stablish, so di instrucshan fi demya cain a house was fi rehabilitieshan an them neva cansida the canstrucshan fan wells or cestants.


¿All dih new houses dem we bild ina Providence an Ketlina siem?

No. Fan dih houses dem we mek by Findeter, them gat two cain: 737 houses we house dem we can juol pan dih land (VAL) an 330 safehouse.


¿Wat is caracteristics fan the VAL houses dem?

Dem da di houses dem we can juol pan dih land, dem bild back fan di base or fondieshan we dem did gat aredy. Dih muoris tings dem can du fi demya cain a intervenshan was:

  • Mek a floor study.
  • One design we agree wid di family.
  • Safe area ina di house dem.
  • Harikien strap dem cannek di structural system fan di house (housetap, walls an fondieshan). • Playwood or ciment work, dis garantice di resistance to external factors.
  • Dih interventoria aftu recibit forst.
  • Dih house lifesheet – guide fi mantienance.

¿Wat is dih aproximatly cast fan di bilding dem fan dih VAL house?

Dih VAL houses dem hav a area fan 40 m2 to 200 m2 an dih aproximietly cast fan dih canstrucshan was $350,365,736. Dih tuotal cast fan dih works dem we mek ina dih 737-house type VAL was $258,219,547,934.


¿Wat is dih caracteristics fan dih safe houses dem?

  • Dem mek by one agreement wid di family we di type was difind (type 2 or type 4) de mek a agriment wid ich famaly.

  • Di foundieshan fi demya houses mek de pan puost.

  • Di steel elements dem we mek up di structure (calum, second floor, tayhed, housetaps)

    covaup ina galvanice fi no mek di tings dem get rosty.

  • Di canecshan fan di elements of metalik structures canect wid some structural scru.

  • Demya house mek fi stan breese fan 250 km/h.

  • Dem have a weight fan 75 ton.

  • Dih beneficiaries ricive a mantienance gaide.


¿Wat is dih aproximatly cast fan dih canstrucshan dem fi dih safe house?
Dih aproximatly cast fi dih canstrucshan fan one safe house is fan $695.492.359. Dih tuotal cast fan dih works dem we mek pan dih 330 houses fan dis type was fan $229.512.478.721.

Dih price fan demya houses explien by di casts asocietid wid di canstrucshan ina one territory island. Fi exampul, just di maritim transport  fi di matirials fi ery one a di houses dem cast: $116,43 millians; di lodging, food an tikits fi dih workars dem we com ina dih island, mek a tuotal by house fan $105,71 millones, and handwork $91,66 millones.


¿We dih safehouse dem ubicate?

Dih 330 safehouse is ubicated in difarent section ina dih island:

  • Saint Ketlina: 19
  • Town: 28
  • Mountain: 62
  • Rocky Point: 50
  • Bottom House – Smooth water bay: 79
  • South: 23
  • Lazy Hill – Fresh water bay: 10
  • Old Town: 54
  • Free Town: 5


¿Dih disign fan dih new houses dem mek fan Bogotá?

No. Dih recanstrucshan manigment wid dih Ministry of Houses, City an Territory, an dih UNGRD garantie di participieshan fan dih communitie tru 20 workin tiebul fi agree ina dih disigns fan dih new house dem. Ina dem tiebul muo dan 500 pipul participiet, bituin dem:

  • 498 pipul fan dih communitie.
  • 14 teknics.
  • 18 social an raizal lidars.
  • 2 univorsity tichars.
  •  Veeduria

Dem luk pan wat dem propuose, dem stodi it an evaluetid by di tiebul, fi stablish di agreements about caracteristics and type a house, we shuld be:

  • Have a safe zone or REFUGE/ SHELTER

Them haffi complai wid technical ruls.

Di result dem fan di pruoces, was 4 difarents types a house an ery famaly did kian pick dih one we suit dem necesitie muo.


¿Fi dih recanstrucshan works dem cansida fi cantract islandadz companys?

Yes. Ina di meetin we dem mek wid dih communitie, dem cantract three companys fan di island fan San Andres, Providence an Ketlina:

  • Mauricio Gallardo (Islandadz company, RL: Mauricio Gallardo Archbold)

  • VyV Suministris fi matirials fi canstrucshan (Islandadz company, RL: Fernando Vásquez)

  • UT SAI Import FC (Islandadz company, RL Waldrop Thim)


¿How Findeter manige di resources fan di works dem we dem mek?

Ery cantract fan di obra aftu charg ery mont wat im do, dis money pie by dih fiduciaria wen Findeter aprub, an Findeter get di infarm fan interventoria ju look pan di obra fi garantice it.


¿Findeter incharge fi di mek dih work dem fan recanstrucshan fan Providence haspital?

No. Findeter only incharge fi mek an fi supervise di intervenshan ina di houses, native lodge, sports an cultural centers, di airpuort an basic wata an basic cleanup.